Zojirushi SH-MAE10

Creamer / Dairy Server 1.0L


The Stainless Vacuum Creamer / Dairy Server features a convenient always-open one piece insulated lid that eliminates the hassle to check or twist the lid to pour. Tip of spout is designed to minimize dribbling. The body has a wide opening with SlickSteel® stainless steel interior which makes cleaning easy for busy businesses. NSF certified.


  • Stainless steel vacuum liner with excellent cold retention
  • One piece lid, with minimal threading or other openings to prevent dairy from becoming caught and spoiling, to maintain cleanliness
  • Easy-to-clean, SlickSteel® stainless steel interior
  • Designed for use in offices, boardrooms, parties, catering, functions, restaurant and hotel buffets. 
One piece lid with minimal threading to maintain cleanliness
Markers on the lid to indicate that creamer is open
Markers on the lid to indicate that creamer is open
Convenient, easy pour handle
5cm wide opening for easy cleaning

Dimensions11.0cm x 15.5cm x 28.5cm
Weight800g / 0.8kg
Interior FinishesSlickSteel® stainless steel interior
Cold Retention *25°C @ 4 hrs
ColoursXA : Stainless

Cold Retention*2 : 5°C @ 4 hours. Rating is based on water at a starting temperature of 1.5±0.5°C filled to full capacity and with the Stopper Set placed, at an ambient temperature of 30±2°C, with the product temperature pre-stabilized at an ambient temperature of 21±2.5°C.